Destratification air curtain unit – an introduction

With the latest Building Regulations driving the demand for more energy efficient buildings, the
pressure is mounting for building occupiers and owners to pick up the challenge. They want to
minimise energy use, but they need to provide a healthy, comfortable building. This is where
Envirotec can help. Envirotec’s team of engineers have developed “the next big idea” in the market
for air curtain units to help reduce running costs of buildings whilst still delivering excellent indoor
air quality.

An air curtain unit creates an air barrier across a doorway to provide a separation between the
building and the air outside. To ensure comfort for anyone walking through the door, especially
during the colder months, the air is heated. Air enters the air curtain unit through grilles, being
drawn in by a number of fans, the air then passes over a heater, and is finally supplied as a curtain of
warm air through the grille at the bottom of the air curtain unit.

Air in a building will pick up heat throughout the day from a variety of sources including people,
lighting, equipment and the effect of sun shining through the windows. As the air heats up it rises
up inside the building. Envirotec’s DAC air curtain unit captures this ”waste” heated air and uses it
to reduce the heating requirements of the supply air from the air curtain unit.

A funnel, which can be up to 4m tall, attaches to the DAC air curtain unit so that it recovers the
warmer air from high level within the building to reduce significantly the energy required to heat the
supply air. Studies on a number of installations across the UK show that up to 30% energy can be
saved on heating the supply air.

The DAC destratification air curtain units can be used in a range of applications where the doorway is
located in a tall entrance. Some of these projects include;
• Supermarkets
• Warehouses
• Shopping malls
• Commercial buildings
• Distribution centres

DAC air curtain unit benefits

Working closely with its customers, Envirotec developed an air curtain unit that saves energy,
reduces running costs and maintains an effective air barrier at entrances. It also ensures long lasting
performance through ease of maintenance by being accessible through a lockable hinged panel; the
DAC air curtain unit incorporates efficient motors, energy saving controls and a washable filter.
Recovering “wasted” energy from high level air helps with the overall carbon footprint of the
building and is also a very visual statement to your customers or visitors of how you are tackling the
ever present need to reduce overall energy consumption.


Ventilation Solutions

The Destratification DAC air curtain unit is part of Envirotec’s extensive range of ventilation
solutions including air handling units and air barriers.
Envirotec does its utmost to cater to clients’ needs, however specialised, to ensure that your
complete ventilation solution is suited to your needs.

Key Features

Standard Units

• Unit mounting height – Up to 3.0m
• Unit length – 2.2m
• Heat options – Ambient / LPHW / Electric
• Control Options – Remote controller (standard specification)
• Unit finish – casing, return air and discharge grilles powder coated RAL9010 gloss white

Non-standard – Bespoke

Bespoke specification options
  o Specific sizes available on request
  o Case and grille colour and finish
        powder coat commercially available RAL colours
        matt, satin, semi-gloss, gloss
   o Controls
        Remote switch
        Controller fitted into the unit
        Door interlocked controller
   o Fans to suit higher mounting heights
Customer specific requirements available on request

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Standard: 2.2m

Mounting Height: Up to 3.0m