Industrial Vertical, VEAB Air curtain unit

Industrial Vertical air curtain unit applications

As an alternative to the above door air curtain units the VEAB – Envirotec’s industrial vertical air curtain unit, has been developed to provide an excellent air barrier – ideal for those applications where an air curtain unit can’t be mounted above a door.

Envirotec has been working with all the main food retailers in the UK for many years, and has vast experience in providing effective, efficient air curtain solutions for retailers’ customer entrances.  An extension to this service was requests to investigate the warehousing areas of their stores often with multiple loading bay doors. 24 hour trading in many stores means the frequency of deliveries has increased and these doors are remaining open for much longer periods, allowing cold air to rush into the building during the winter, and hot air entering in the summer months.

Our VEAB air curtain unit was developed to solve this problem and can be used in a wide variety of applications including;

  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centres
  • Packaging facilities
  • Commercial buildings

VEAB air curtain unit benefits

The VEAB vertical air curtain unit provides an effective barrier between the indoor environment and the outdoor air, introducing this ventilation solution into a warehouse will reduce the energy used to heat and cool the building.  Other benefits include comfort and efficiency of staff breathing better quality air, and not being pestered by bugs and insects. An independent case study in the UK recently showed that using air curtains in a packaging warehouse reduced the amount of bugs and insects entering the building by approximately 78%

Manufactured in strong galvanised steel, the VEAB is powder coated and can be matched to any RAL colour to match your requirements.

Quick to install and simple to operate, the VEAB is an essential product to include within your building’s HVAC equipment.  For specific project advice, Envirotec’s team of product specialist engineers are ready to assist, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements, we’re always here to help.


Ventilation Solutions

The Vertical VEAB air curtain unit is part of Envirotec’s extensive range of ventilation solutions including air handling units and air barriers.  

Envirotec does its utmost to cater to clients’ needs, however specialised, to ensure that your complete ventilation solution is suited to your needs.

Key Features

Standard Units

  • Unit height – Up to 3.0m
  • Heat optionsAmbient / LPHW / Electric
  • Control Options – Remote controller (standard specification)
  • Unit finish – casing, return air and discharge grilles powder coated RAL9010 gloss white

Non-standard – Bespoke options

  • Specific sizes available on request
  • Case and grille colour and finish
  • powder coat commercially viable RAL colours
  • matt, satin, semi-gloss, gloss
  • Controls
  • Remote switch
  • Controller fitted into the unit
  • Door interlocked controller
  • Fans to suit wider entrances
  • Customer specific requirements available on request
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Column heights: 2.0 to 4.0m
Vertical Air Curtains are custom built for each application.