What air handling equipment do you need?

With a huge range of different types of air handling equipment available, making the right choice can sometimes be rather difficult!  Correctly selected equipment can be great for businesses, providing a great environment for both customers and staff whilst saving energy and reducing running costs at the same time.

One type of air handling equipment that can make a quick, effective impact are air curtains.  They work by creating an air barrier across a doorway, reducing the amount of cold air entering a room whilst actively keeping the warm air inside; perfect for any store who can benefit from keeping their doors wide open or has a heavy footfall.

However, simply buying an air curtain is only the first step. It needs to be fitted and installed correctly for your premises to benefit from it. Did you know that badly installed air handling unit (AHU’s) can be more detrimental than having no air handling equipment at all?

Manufacturers of AHU equipment should be committed to not only supplying the product but helping architects, specifiers, consultants and contractors to learn more about how they work and how best to utilise them. For example, at Envirotec we offer advice to our clients on the correct use of air handling equipment, ensuring they get the right product for their specific application. Poor specification, design, and implementation can end up costing your business, so here’s some simple steps to take…

When it comes to choosing the right equipment – particularly air curtains – attention should be paid to the size of the door and the room itself rather than the kW output. The air curtain works by providing a constant stream of air that covers the doorway, keeping the warm air inside and the cold air out, so choosing a unit that can adequately and effectively fill that space is more important than power levels. The jet of air is the main factor – if the velocity, angle or placement is incorrect, your air handling equipment is not going to work effectively.  Most air curtains are generally available in 1m, 1.5m, and 2m lengths, but your requirements may be more specific if you operate in an unusual premises. They can also come in a variety of finishes, and good manufacturers will understand your desire to have your air curtain match with your current colour schemes.

As well as the different types of units available, you also need to consider controls when purchasing any kind of air handling equipment. Controls are the interface with the unit; they need to be simple, effective and designed to operate the equipment as efficiently as possible.

At Envirotec, we believe it’s our responsibility to offer advice to our customers about the best types of air handling equipment. It’s easy for many manufacturers to talk about energy saving and cost reduction, but most of them fail to offer the support that’s needed to for their customers to capitalise on it.

Whether you’re a customer looking to introduce energy efficient air handling equipment in your premises, or a contractor, supplier or consultant looking to recommend the technology, it’s certainly worth learning more.