Details of Air Barriers

Envirotec air barriers deliver a very high air output with a deep column of moving air. Air barriers are designed to control heat, airflow, and moisture, as well as solar and other radiation in a building, too.

All of these things can severely impact on air quality, as well as a building’s long-term performance and structure.

Envirotec’s barriers are ideally suited to applications where an open door policy prevails and large entrances that cater to heavy footfall. Made from the highest quality materials and the latest cutting-edge technology, our 100% British-made systems create a primary air enclosure that separates conditioned indoor air from unconditioned, and potentially harmful, outdoor air. Our air barrier products can also separate air from a given unit and neighbouring units for maximum segregation.

Optional energy saving controls are available that will automatically adjust the air and heat output to best suit the application. The result is an effective climate separator for even the most demanding of entrances.

Envirotec offer three versions of the Air Barrier. These are listed below with some very basic information, but please follow the links for a more in-depth specification and to download our comprehensive fact sheet. Of course, if you need any further information or have any queries then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. We are passionate about the products we sell and enjoy the opportunity to share our knowledge and help you make the right decision.

EAB Type A – a chassis unit designed to be fully recessed in a false ceiling or used in industrial applications such as loading bays.

EAB TYPE B – a cased unit developed for fully on view applications

EAB TYPE C – a chassis unit designed to be installed into a modular ceiling

All products listed above come in a range of different sizes and can be mounted up to four metres off the ground – perfectly suited for high-performance from high heights. Colour, finish, and controls are in your hands and we also provide three variants options – Ambient, LPHW, and Electric.

As well as Air Barriers, Envirotec has a large range of Air Handling Equipment which can be custom built to the client’s requirements. All products are manufactured in the UK using the latest advancements in AHU technology. They are designed to be space efficient and save your business money while protecting the environment.