Hospital Ventilation Maintenance & Refurbishment

Providing a safe and comfortable environment for patients and staff in healthcare premises is essential, and a well maintained and regularly serviced ventilation system is key to delivering that comfort.

Now more than ever, ensuring our hospitals, care homes and wider range of healthcare buildings deliver healthy, well ventilated environments is critical.  The key demand for ventilation in hospitals is to provide clean, filtered, fresh air whilst removing the stale, humid, polluted air from within the buildings.  To help the mechanical engineer in selecting the most suitable ventilation systems, Health Technical Memorandum 03-01 – ‘Specialised ventilation in healthcare premises’ (HTM –03-01) is a guide designed for that purpose.  Part A provides advice on air handling unit design, component specification and installation, whilst Part B covers the operational aspects including inspections, servicing and maintenance.  Air handling systems covered in the HTM guide include supply units, extract fans and those units incorporating both supply and extract with heat recovery.  

Envirotec has a great deal of experience working with a variety of customers operating in the health sector, from specialist hospitals, care homes and general practice, and frequently witness ventilation systems being left to run with little or no maintenance.   The results often lead to a significant drop off in operating efficiencies and performance, and a phone call to say the air handling units don’t seem to be working as they used to.  

Envirotec engineers understand the criteria detailed within HTM-03-01 and can provide a full maintenance service of your air handling equipment ensuring you get to enjoy a healthy, well-ventilated indoor environment without wasting energy.  


Regular inspections and maintenance of your ventilation systems can extend the service life of costly plant, preventing anything from a poorly performing system that might cause health hazards to catastrophic failure that may result in periods of plant shutdown or potentially lead to complete plant replacement. The key benefits to regular maintenance are:

  • Optimum performance – periodic checks to correct minor faults  
  • Improved air quality – regular cleaning of components and filter changes
  • Longer system life – anticipating issues will prolong the life of your plant
  • Reduces the need for costly emergency repairs 
  • On-hand expertise – Envirotec engineers are fully trained and experienced
  • Maintaining design efficiencies – best use of power and optimum performance


Specific elements or key components within your ventilation system may eventually reach the end of their life.  It’s often assumed that once ventilation performance starts to deteriorate, the only option available is to replace the units.  However, there is an alternative solution offered by Envirotec specifically relating to hospital/medical applications; a comprehensive refurbishment service for ventilation equipment (supply, extract and heat recovery air handling units).  Fully trained, professional, experienced engineers can evaluate and survey existing units supplied by any manufacturer and explain possible options available to you.

Refurbishment is frequently the most cost-effective option when compared to replacing the whole air handling unit and can save significant time on site.  Also, replacing new components can bring higher efficiencies and lower running costs.  

Other benefits of refurbishment include:

  • Reduced cost over new plant
  • Minimum downtime/service disruption – staged installation, increased flexibility
  • ‘Green solution’ – less wasteful, environmentally responsible
  • Greater efficiency, reducing power consumption – replacing components
  • Reduces the need for lifting large packages by crane

Examples of components that can be replaced within an air handling unit, includes:

  • Fans – replacing old, inefficient belt drive fans with energy efficient EC plug fans
  • Heating & cooling coils – swapping out corroded and clogged coils with new coils incorporating the latest energy transfer technologies
  • Casework repair – replacing rusted casework with new panels finished to suit existing design
  • Filters – replacement filters utilising enhanced filtration techniques (HEPA, carbon, low pressure drop) can be installed within existing units

Call Envirotec today to discuss how our HTM compliant maintenance and refurbishment service can get the most out of your existing hospital air handling units