We spend a great deal of our life indoors (over 80%) so the quality of the air we breathe in our buildings is essential. Envirotec frequently sees many hours going into the design of the optimum ventilation system for a building; it also sees these systems being left to run with little or no maintenance. The result is a drop off in operating efficiencies and performance and a call to say the air handling units don’t seem to be working as they used to. More information on the benefits of providing a healthy indoor environment can be found in our blogs section on the website.

Envirotec can provide a full maintenance service of your air handling equipment ensuring you get to enjoy a healthy, well-ventilated indoor environment without wasting energy.

Regular maintenance can extend the service life of costly plant, preventing anything from a poorly performing system to catastrophic failure that may result in periods of plant shutdown or potentially lead to complete plant replacement. The key benefits to regular maintenance are:

  • Optimum performance – periodic checks to correct minor faults
  • Improved air quality – regular cleaning of components and filter changes
  • Longer system life – anticipating issues will prolong the life of your plant
  • Reduces the need for costly emergency repairs or refurbishments
  • On-hand expertise – all Envirotec engineers are fully trained and experienced
  • Maintaining design efficiencies – best use of power and optimum performance

If your existing air handling unit has developed a fault or it needs a general maintenance check, get in touch with our expert team to discuss your requirements.