Envirotec products are always built to order. Where possible, we use and adapt existing product designs. When necessary, we create products to meet your individual specification and budget.

Whatever the objective, we seek inventive ways to improve the air inside buildings to increase performance, reduce energy costs and save you money.

Air Curtains

Air Curtains that reduce the overall cost of heating and cooling your building.

Air Handling Units

Air handling units designed and custom built to be energy and space efficient.

Other Products

We supply and install air movement products for highly specialised conditions.


Our two main and most popular products are air curtains and air handling equipment. Air Curtains are devices designed to help prevent air or contaminants moving from an open space to another open space.

These are widely used in shops and shopping centres across the world, as well as other buildings where the entrance is typically exposed. Air barriers are applied in areas like loading docks, aircraft hangars, and vehicle entrances, helping to maintain a pleasant environment for workers and customers.

Envirotec specialise in appropriately sized units for the space that they will be installed.  All our products are made here in the UK using the latest and best technology and components. When devices are fitted by our experienced engineers who will walk you through how to use and control your new product.

Our help and support page can give you further information should you need it, but please get in touch if you can’t find the answer to your query or would like further information.