Air Curtain and Air Handling Manufacturers

Air Handling and Air Curtain Manufacturers

Envirotec specialise in innovating to create excellent indoor environments, offering air curtains, air handling units and a wide range of refurbishment solutions.

Air Curtain Manufacturers

air curtains

Air Curtains

Air Curtains that help maintain air quality and reduce the overall cost of heating and cooling your building.

air handling units

Air Handling Units

Air handling units designed and custom built to be energy and space efficient.

refurbished air units


Refurbishment is often more cost-effective than full replacement with less disruption & downtime.

We design, custom make and supply air handling systems (air curtains and air handling units) to the retail, financial, manufacturing, education, transport, leisure and luxury residential sectors, supported by a comprehensive refurbishment service.

Everything we do is designed and made in Great Britain. Over 50 years of invention, flair and innovation, makes Envirotec the best place to come for advice, products and services to improve the air in buildings.

We are industry leaders and innovation is at the heart of our business. From performance surveys to project management, maintenance to refurbishment, our team of passionate people offer fresh thinking and years’ of experience.

The air we breathe is of the utmost importance. Study after study shows a correlation between clean air, improved performance, general health and wellbeing.

Whether you require a simple over-door heater, an airscreen for your office, or an air handling unit for your restaurant, Envirotec’s wide range of air barriers, air curtains, and air handling equipment will ensure effective air management.

Do we accept poor air quality laden with viruses, particulate and dirt? No, we can do something. That means new behaviours around providing high quality air for the wellbeing of occupants of buildings.

Air quality is vital to our health so do all you can to make it high quality air. Envirotec products are everywhere, improving air in thousands of buildings for over 50 years so we can provide guidance and products to improve air quality and dramatically reduce viruses. It requires know how, investment in devices, good housekeeping and regular maintenance.

Regardless of the size of your building Envirotec can deliver the right solution for you. We work within all sectors such as: Health; Banks; Public Sector; Education; Leisure; Retail; Travel; Hospitality; Manufacturing; Pharmaceutical; Warehousing; Security; Data Centres. Our installed base is huge and our legion of clients include: NHS Trusts; Barclays; RBS; CBRE; Janus Henderson Investors PLC; Harrods; Selfridges; Dorchester Hotel; Marriott Group; Asda; Morrison; Sainsbury; Tesco; Westfield Shopping Centres; John Lewis Partnership; H&M; Apple and many more. See our case studies page to read more about who we work for and how we exceed expectations.

We design and manufacture all our products in Great Britain. We are proud to be at the forefront of modernisation and improvement. We listen to our clients who tell us the reason they come to us is because we deliver innovative, tailor made solutions such as our unique see through air curtain project.

Make a statement and give your entrance a distinct appearance

Vertical air curtain units give a different look and feel to an entrance. Envirotec make bold and sentry like units that give a feeling of security that an above the door unit cannot match, Envirotec also make subtle concealed units so all that is visible is the discharge supply slot or grille.

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vertical air curtain

Envirotec is passionate about continually pushing the boundaries of design and technology – innovating through fresh thinking.

Envirotec is passionate about continually pushing the boundaries of design and technology – innovating through fresh thinking.

Save money and time on site..

“Everything about Envirotec – their people, their solutions, their approach and of course, the savings they deliver – helps you, as a client, breathe more easily!” – Martyn Jackson – Rossair

The cost to replace the air handling units would have been £500K versus a refurbishment cost of £130K, saving a total of £370K!

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