Commercial Restaurant Air Handling Units: Ishbilia

Á la carte solutions for top London restaurant

The Challenge:
When London’s number one Lebanese restaurant, Ishbilia, called us to commission a project that no other manufacturer would touch, we were intrigued. The Challenge? To design and supply a powerful air handling unit for an old kitchen, in a highly restricted space, with no disruption to business.

Fresh thinking:
From a thorough site visit, taking detailed measurements, our engineers designed a small, double-stacked kitchen extract AHU which, despite its size, was capable of meeting the large air volume demanded by the high intensity environment of today’s professional kitchen. With one eye on the future we ensured that an initial air volume and pressure of 2.5m³/s @150Pa could easily be increased in line with the growth of the business, thus future proofing their investment.

Benefit to client:
We solved a problem that our competitors couldn’t; adapting a product to work with other manufacturers components and anticipating the client’s future needs. Our approach avoided the requirement of a larger externally mounted unit and with it potential planning permission issues.

In addition, the unit is inherently energy efficient, designed to easily upgrade as new environmental filter technology comes on stream and be easily maintained.

Envirotec is our first point of call for project specific air management solutions. Our 20 year, trusted relationship with the team at Envirotec means we know that we can rely on their expertise to create bespoke air curtains and AHUs to meet even the most demanding specifications. Working with Envirotec makes our job easier as they handle everything from initial concept and measuring, right through to site surveying and installation and we know their work is of appropriate quality.”  – Colin Smith, Director Charles Smith Associates