Air handling unit applications

Envirotec is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ventilation equipment to commercial developments.

Our large air handling units (AHUs) are ideally suited to a wide range of uses in sectors including:

• Retail environments such as shopping centres and supermarkets
• Healthcare including hospital ventilation maintenance
• Care homes and other buildings designed for medical and pharmaceutical purposes
• Department of Environment (DoE) and military environments
• Offices and other commercial spaces

Low noise applications

Envirotec understand that for some applications, noise is critical. We can work with you to develop low noise air handling units that will minimise sound pollution. We specialise in low noise units, incorporating highly sophisticated acoustic materials and sourcing low noise components.

The finished result is an AHU with a top of the range acoustic performance, corroborated by independent acoustic consultants and field trials. Our low noise air handling units are currently in use at the BBC Sound and Recording Studios as well as in the Serpentine Gallery, Hyde Park.

Custom air handling units

Envirotec understand the restrictions that limited or difficult rooms can impose if you wish to install air handling units, especially when space is at a premium.

Envirotec’s pentapost air handling units are purpose built and custom developed to accommodate your individual requirements, so that no matter what space you have available, we can design/specify a suitable unit for you.

Flat pack air handling unit delivery and installation

Our on-site assembly service is ideal if your entry space or access to plant rooms is limited. We deliver our air handling units in component form and our team of skilled engineers complete and oversee the assembly of all flat pack units inside the designated plant room to maximise available space.

We recognise you may have site restrictions and working time limitations and are only too happy to complete our on-site flat pack assembly service out of hours if this is more convenient for you.

Air handling unit packages

We supply our extensive selection of air handling units either individually or along with other products from our portfolio for example, our range of air curtain units, to provide a complete package. Other solutions include:

  • Air barriers
  • Single and twin fan extracts
  • Smoke and fire rated axial and bifurcated fans

Large Air Handling Units (ENV)

Envirotec offers a range of large pentapost air handling units, each one built to suit the client’s requirements. All air handlers are manufactured in the UK, using the latest engineering technology to produce high quality AHUs.

Flat Pack Air Handling Units (ENV)

With plant-room space at a premium, Envirotec’s engineers are masters at developing innovative AHU designs that make the best use of the plant room. Envirotec frequently builds air handling units in ‘flat pack’ form for use where access to existing plant rooms is limited. Installation engineers attend site to complete the assembly of AHUs inside the plant-room.

Small Air Handling Units (SENV)

Small air handling units (SENV) have a single skinned monocoque construction and are complete with filters, fans and heat exchanger coils. SENV units bridge the gap between conventional fan coil units and larger AHUs. They can be built to suit floor, wall or ceiling void mounting and can be adapted for external applications.

small air handling unit

Air Handling Unit Maintenance & Manufacturing

Envirotec designs and manufactures all of its units in the UK. The final product can be pre-built in the factory, or assembled on-site if limited space or tight access prevents the delivery of the complete unit. Envirotec’s AHUs are built for easy accessibility for on-going care and maintenance.

As well as providing the unit, Envirotec offers a complete service agreement. This includes the service, repair, refurbishment or upgrade of any make of AHU with the latest hardware as frequently as required.

Air handling unit features

Construction: Pentapost
Sizes: square, flat and narrow ranges available
Panel options: 25mm and 45mm

Finish: Steel, galvanised, plastic coated or powder coated

Colour: Multiple colours are available

Duty range
Heating: Up to 11.7m³/s
Cooling: Up to 12.4m³/s