Air Handling Units (AHU)

Air handling units or AHUs are devices which control and condition the air movement throughout a building.

As leading manufacturers of AHU’s in the UK, Envirotec is able to create custom solutions which can be tailored to your needs and that result in an optimal level of energy efficiency. Designing unique solutions enables Envirotec to create the perfect environment for any situation or communal space. Envirotec’s technical sales team can work with any specifications and building characteristics.

The Importance of Air Handling

Did you know that up to 65% of a business’s energy use is attributed to HVAC systems? With some form of air handling device installed, you can really keep on top of your energy usage, and clamp down on power wastage.

Another huge benefit is that efficient air handling is great for the environment. With the correct equipment in place, less electricity will be expended without sacrificing even a small degree of comfort.

Energy-saving HVAC systems can help to raise the profile and standards of your place of business. Consumers favour forward-thinking organisations with strong CSR policies and for those in a retail space, a perfect environment prevents customers being put off by premises feeling too hot, cold or stuffy.

These factors are hugely important no matter what sector your business operates in.

Air Handling Products

Large Air Handling Units (ENV)
Envirotec offers a range of large pentapost air handling units, each one built to suit the client’s requirements. All air handlers are manufactured in the UK, using the latest engineering technology to produce high quality AHUs.

Flat Pack Air Handling Units (ENV)
With plant-room space at a premium, Envirotec’s engineers are masters at developing innovative AHU designs that make the best use of the space available. Envirotec frequently builds air handlers in ‘flat pack’ form for use where access to existing plant-rooms is limited. Installation engineers attend site to complete the assembly of AHUs inside the plant-room.

Small Air Handling Units (SENV)
Small air handling units (SENV) have a single skinned monocoque construction and are complete with filters, fans and heat exchanger coils. SENV units bridge the gap between conventional fan coil units and larger AHUs. They can be built to suit floor, wall or ceiling void mounting and can be adapted for external applications.

Manufacturing & Maintenance

Envirotec designs and manufactures all of its units in the UK. The final product can be pre-built in the factory, or assembled on-site if limited space prevents the delivery of the complete unit. Envirotec’s AHU are built for easy accessibility for on-going care and maintenance.

As well as providing the unit, Envirotec offers a complete service agreement. This includes the service, repair, refurbishment or upgrade of any make of AHU with the latest hardware as frequently as required.


Envirotec has plenty of experience working with all types of clients, each of whom require their own unique insights and approaches. Regardless of what your business does, Envirotec offers the same services across a product’s lifespan, from its design to its eventual replacement. Private or public, large or small, Envirotec is proud of its diverse client base, which includes banks, shopping centres, educational establishment, hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers, to name but a few.

Browse our case studies for more information on some the projects we have managed over 46 years of operating in the UK.