Find the Air Curtain that’s right for your project quickly

Is your building an office block that has a large door constantly opening or closing? Do you own a shop with an open front entrance and/or exit? Does your warehouse require a large opening to the outside environment for your business to function? Air curtains help stop air and contaminants moving from an open space to another open space. Our air curtains maintain air quality and help prevent your space from becoming contaminated with outdoor pollutants as well as being effective heating devices.

We typically have six different types of air curtain in stock, and a range of nearly 20 to choose from. It’s safe to say we have you covered. Compact air curtains like our Enviroscreen ES Type A won’t stand out and are ideal for smaller buildings where energy efficiency is a concern.

Like most of our products, you can choose standard units, or can vary the colour, the finish, and the controls, as well as selecting from Low-Pressure Hot Water (LPHW), Ambient control, and Electric variants.

Our popular Circular Cac 380 combines powerful performance with an artistic style which has made it the perfect choice for high-profile entrances where first impressions count.

Those units are just two from our huge range. Browse below by Type and Range to see an extensive list of our stock. Selecting each model will give you further information and key benefits, as well as giving you the option to download a datasheet which gives you all the numbers and stats you need.

Electric Over Door Heaters – Air Curtains

Need a specially designed air curtain? We lead the way in designing devices for unusual doorways and entrances. Working to your specifications and budget, let us create you a bespoke, cost-efficient air barrier.

Envirotec specialises in a wide range of energy solutions. All air handling units are custom built in the UK and are bespoke to the client’s requirements. The entire range incorporates the very latest in AHU technology. Envirotec also offers a comprehensive refurbishment service.

First select the Type you need from the drop-down list, followed by Range. You can then select the Item you would like to view from either the drop down menu or the products displayed below.