An efficient ventilation system is essential to maintaining a healthy indoor environment, with one of the key component being the air handling units.  It’s often assumed that once their performance starts to deteriorate, the only option available is to replace the units. An alternative solution is offered by Envirotec; a comprehensive air handling unit refurbishment service.  Fully trained, professional, experienced engineers can evaluate and survey existing units supplied by any manufacturer and explain possible options available to you.

Refurbishment is frequently the most cost-effective option when compared to replacing the whole air handling unit and can save significant time on site.

Other benefits of refurbishment include;

  • Reduced cost over new plant
  • Minimum downtime/service disruption – staged installation, increased flexibility
  • ‘Green solution’ – less wasteful, environmentally responsible
  • Replacing components – greater efficiency, reducing power consumption
  • Reduces the need for lifting large packages by crane
  • The cost can be treated as capex, maintenance or a blend of both

Call Envirotec today to arrange a meeting to discuss how our refurbishment service can get the most out of your existing air handling units.