Since 1969, Envirotec has seen changes of ownership as well as changes in company name – yet the company’s vision and purpose remains as constant and relevant as ever.

Throughout its history, Envirotec has made robust, high quality, innovative air improvement products that help its clients maintain good quality air in their buildings.

Ronald Ward established the company and began making products in High Wycombe for Sainsbury’s; several of the original product designs still form the basis of existing products and occasionally customers request the same units as supplied over 30 years ago. Ronald brought in Rodney Moody to whom he passed on the baton.

Today, Envirotec is still a privately owned company.  In 1999, Chris Lister took over and now he owns and runs the company.  When not working at Envirotec, Chris is the chair of a not-for-profit charitable trust and is a member of four of its committees.  

Chris loves project management and is passionate about learning, innovation and elegance in design. His career began in engineering with time served in a drawing office and in on-site management.  Chris and has worked at JCB and Peugeot, as well as running companies for John Brown and P&O/Bovis.

Chris is a Master in Business Administration and a Bachelor in Engineering. He is the chair of the FETA group for Air Curtains, sits on the HEVAC council and is a member of the IAQ committee. He is also the UK’s ISO/BSI expert for Air Curtains.   

What we do

Envirotec began making its products in High Wycombe and still does so today, continuing to source components and raw materials from the UK and Europe. Each design and manufacturing process has its own workforce who enjoy the challenges of making products that satisfy customers’ demands – with several hundred years of experience between them.

We work for several of the world’s largest and most successful companies.  A great many of our customers are household names and they respect our experience and expertise as Envirotec respects their wishes and confidentiality.  

Envirotec products are installed in entrances and plant rooms throughout the UK in thousands of locations and many unique indoor environments, including:

It would be hard not to experience an Envirotec product somewhere in your daily life and yet most consumers will never have heard the name Envirotec because the sales channel is business-to-business with our customers rarely being the consumer.  

Envirotec works with and alongside small and large architectural practices as well as specialist engineering consulting companies.  We design concept products and prototype where it is necessary to interpret the changing ideas that are often a feature of a collaborative approach with customers.

In the early 2000’s Envirotec began offering installation, service, maintenance and refurbishment to give end users the benefit of having the products kept at optimum performance.  Around this time, energy prices were beginning to rise steeply and talks about greenhouse gas emissions had turned into discussions about climate change. Envirotec was at the forefront of energy saving by designing and making products that minimise energy consumption.  

Cleaner air

An Envirotec product improves the air you breathe inside a building. Stale air is bad for your health as it contributes greatly to lack of concentration and sleepiness. You would not dream of drinking directly from a pond, yet most of us willingly scoop air from wherever we are and expect it to be as clean as from high on a mountaintop. Bad air is not easy to identify, if it does not smell or it looks dirty we believe it to be clean. However, ‘if it’s clear it’s clean’ does not apply.

Envirotec makes and maintains products that can keep you alert and safe when you are in a building.  Our UK made air handling units satisfy the most challenging environments such as operating theatres, pharmaceutical production facilities and classrooms.  Envirotec products and services can help you live a healthier and more productive life.