Air Handling Unit (AHU) Overhaul Case Study: Napp Pharmaceuticals

The right prescription for Napp Pharmaceuticals 

The Challenge:
Napp Pharmaceuticals approached us because of our experience of their industry’s strict specifications and regulations. The Challenge? To overhaul and refit twenty-four air handling units originally supplied by another manufacturer outside of office hours and over the Christmas closure period.

Fresh thinking:
We brought 45 years of experience of refurbishing AHUs, including those supplied by our competitors, to bear. Our engineers orchestrated a multi-faceted programme to deal with restricted space, limited access and out of hours working. Typically, refits began at 6pm on Friday evening and were completed before the start of business the following Monday. We designed and manufactured split replacement coils and fan scrolls to pass through the available doorways and ensure that the affected areas suffered no disruption.

Each weekend a unit was completely overhauled with:

  • New dampers.
  • New heating coils with supplementary ‘stab-in-type’ electric heaters.
  • New cooling coils with eliminators.
  • New stainless steel drain pans.
  • New galvanised AHU floor.
  • New filters and supporting frames.
  • New fan scrolls, motors, drives, A/V’s & flexes.
  • New ‘special’ inward and outward opening access doors.
  • Replacing complete sections of casing where the units had deteriorated beyond repair.

Benefit to client:
A better environment with reduced running costs. No plant replacement costs or the need for the heavy plant that would entail and, best of all, no disruption or loss of production. Each Monday morning, as the programme progressed, workers would return to improved air and working conditions.

“Envirotec have helped us with AHU overhaul in some very demanding inaccessible areas. They have completed this while still maintaining a very high degree of quality and with the utmost professionalism.” – Paul Buckley, Napp Pharmaceuticals