Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you provide units with BMS enable?

A: Yes, in most cases a BMS interface can be provided if necessary.

Q: Do all your units have filters fitted?

A: Not all Envirotec units have filters. For more details please contact the sales office.

Q: Do you supply 3 port valves with LPHW units?

A: Yes with Energy efficient controls options we supply the valve and actuator as a loose item.

Q: Where can I find the remote switch that should have come with the air curtain?

A: Controllers are usually wrapped individually and packed inside the unit.

Q: What is the guaranteed max working length of the data cable supplied with Energy savings controls?

A: 30m.

Q: Can a 3 phase unit be connected to single phase after delivery?

A: May be possible but it will have to be carried out by an Envirotec engineer so as to not invalidate the warranty.

Q: Spare fan supplied has different wiring colours to original item. Is this OK?

A: Please contact the sales office for further information.

Q: Can you provide coil calculations for non-standard flow/return temperatures?

Yes, please contact sales office providing flow/return temperatures and air on temperature required.

Q: Can air curtain be installed as Master-Slave(s) configuration?

A: Yes providing that the air curtain has been supplied with Enetec/Enetec ECO energy controls.

Q: My electric air curtain does not appear to be giving out heat.

A: Start by checking that electrical connections are secure and correctly positioned. Then check the current across each phase matches the heater output rating (kW) of the air curtain. L1 should show a higher reading as it carries the fan current load.

Q: My LPHW air curtain does not appear to be giving out heat.

A: Start by checking the flow and return temperatures of water are as per system design. Then check there is no air lock in the system. Confirm the pump is adequately sized and the design water flow rates are being achieved. Finally check that water is not being diverted before reaching the air curtain.

Q: Are Envirotec registered against a “Quality Assured” Standard?

A: Envirotec has been assessed and registered against the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2008 and the Environmental Management Standard  ISO 14001:2004.

Q: How does Envirotec comply with WEEE Regulations?

A: The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive has been enforced in the UK since 2007.  The legislation aims to make Producers finance the end-of-life WEEE collection, treatment and recovery in an environmentally sound manner.   Envirotec Ltd has joined Transform WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme for its WEEE obligation (Registration: WEEE/JK2912VZ) and provides free recycling of all its end-of-life WEEE once a non-household end user has returned the waste equipment to Envirotec.