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Applications for vertical air curtain unit

Envirotec is widely acknowledged as a market leader in the design of air curtain units.  The Envirotec products in the Vertical range of air curtain units have been developed over the last 20 years and are great examples of what can be achieved.

Buildings and their entrances vary widely.  Entrances make statements in keeping with the purpose of the building – a prestigious building often has entrances with a distinct appearance very different to that of a factory or warehouse.  The air curtain units selected to keep the internal and external air from mixing are not only a matter of personal choice, it is often about the convenience of where units are installed as many buildings do not have convenient hanging points for above door heaters.  Further considerations are servicing and maintenance; these are made easier with vertical units.

Vertical air curtain units give a different look and feel to an entrance, Envirotec make bold and sentry like units that give a feeling of security that an above the door unit cannot match, Envirotec also make subtle concealed units so all that is visible is the discharge supply slot or grille.

Not all buildings are the same, entrances into buildings are not all the same and not all air curtain units are the same – their purpose, appearance, and performance can differ to match the purpose of the entrance.  For those projects that have doorways that include revolving doors; architectural tall doors; or wide doors, a unique solution is the way forward

Examples where Envirotec can provide Vertical air curtain units include:

  • Atriums Prestigious Entrances
  • Offices Foyers
  • Shopping malls Designer stores
  • Loading bays Transport hubs
  • Airport terminals Universities

Vertical air curtain unit benefits

Vertical air curtain units are designed to suit three distinct applications: 1. high profile applications where performance and aesthetic considerations are of equal importance;  2. where an over-door unit cannot be fitted, and 3. where accessibility for cleaning, service and maintenance is a consideration.

Vertical Air curtain units offer advantages compared to traditional over-the-door air curtain units.

  • Heat can be distributed evenly over the entire height of the entrance
  • The vertical design ensures that heat at floor level is guaranteed, increasing the comfort of those using the building
  • Access for cleaning and maintenance is at the side of the unit, disruption for maintenance is minimised
  • Discreet supply of services with pipe and cable runs usually run below floor level
  • No door support structure or drop rods required

Envirotec vertical air curtain units are custom built and therefore tailor-made for each installation and sized to fit perfectly within the dimensions of the entrance.

Due to the design considerations on projects Envirotec has been involved with, some unique bespoke units have been developed.  These include the double discharge units and our stunning “see through” air curtain unit. For more information on these innovative products, please contact our sales engineers to discuss your specific needs.

Ventilation Solutions

The Vertical air curtain unit is part of our extensive range of ventilation solutions including air handling units and air barriers.  

Envirotec does its utmost to cater to clients’ needs, however specialised, to ensure that your complete ventilation solution is suited to your needs.

Our team of engineers will advise you as to which designs from our range are best suited to your individual requirements.

Key Features

Standard units

  • Width of entrance

– Up to 2.7m requires one vertical air curtain unit

– Up to 5.0m requires two vertical air curtain units – one each side of the opening

  • Unit dimensions

– Length –  2200mm / 2600mm / 3000mm

– Diameter – 380mm / 520mm

– Baseplate – 8mm steel plate 550mm / 700mm diameter

– 4 x 14mm dia holes

  • Heat options

– Electric

– Ambient


  • Fans – Energy efficient EC
  • Controls

– Remote controller (standard specification)

  • Case work and grilles finish – powder coated RAL 9010 Gloss pure white

Non-standard units

Bespoke specification options

  • Specific sizes and shapes available on request – elliptical, rectangular, square
  • Case and grille colour and finish

– powder coat commercially viable RAL colours

– matt, satin, semi-gloss, gloss

– stainless steel

  • Controls

– Remote switch

– Controls fitted into the unit

  • Fans

– lower or higher output

– AC or EC

  • Base plates

– internal, diameter matches air curtain unit. 5mm steel plate

– square, 500mm or 700mm. 4 x 14mm dia holes

– rotational circular base for adjusting angle of air curtain unit

–  2 x 8mm plate size to suit installation

  • Bump bars

– protection against cleaning machinery hitting the air curtain units

  • Customer specific requirements available on request


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Column heights: 2.0 to 4.0m
Vertical air curtains are custom built for each application