EAB air curtain unit applications

The Envirotec Air Barrier – EAB is a powerful range of air curtain units designed for use in a wide range of applications. Working closely with a major high street retailer and BSRIA, Envirotec designed and developed this powerful air curtain unit to provide an effective and efficient barrier for doorways and entrances. Combined with high heating outputs, the EAB air curtain unit is an important element of your building’s heating and ventilation solution.

The EAB air curtain unit is available in a number of versions including recessed, exposed and vertical. Examples of where they can be used includes:

• Building reception areas
• Retail environments
• Supermarkets
• Office and other commercial spaces
• Loading bays

EAB air curtain unit range

Different versions of the EAB air curtain ensures that Envirotec has the perfect solution for whatever type of doorway or entrance your building has.

• The Type A model is a chassis unit and provides a simple, sleek solution designed to be recessed in a ceiling void or bulkhead. With only the supply grille visible, this unit is easily incorporated into the building’s architectural design with the ceiling void providing the return air. This model can also be used as an exposed unit for when a more industrial appearance is demanded.

• The Type B version is a cased unit for exposed applications, with filters included on the return air grille and finished with a high quality powder coated paint. Perfect when performance and aesthetics are the key requirements of a powerful air curtain unit.

• The Type C unit is another recessed designed air curtain unit this time with the return air supplied via the combined grille that also incorporates the supply air flow. A filtered unit, with a hinged grille that allows easy access for maintenance, can be painted in any colour to suit the client’s needs.

• The VEAB is the vertical unit that is a perfect solution for loading bay doors or large entrances where a horizontal unit cannot be installed at high level.


Ventilation Solutions

The Envirotec Air Barrier is part of Envirotec’s extensive range of ventilation solutions including air handling units and ventilation refurbishment services.

Envirotec does its utmost to cater to clients’ needs, however specialised, to ensure that your complete ventilation solution is suited to your needs.

Envirotec’s team of engineers will advise you as to which designs from our range are best suited to your individual requirements.

Key Features

Standard Units

Mounting height – Up to 4.0m
Unit Dimensions –
– Type A H 420mm x W 520mm
– Type B H 480mm x W 630mm
– Type C H 460mm x W 545mm
– VEAB to suit customer’s requirements

Standard widths – 1500mm /1800mm / 2100mm / 2400mm
Heat options – Ambient / LPHW / Electric
Control Options – Remote controller (standard specification)
Unit finish:
– Type A casing and discharge grille powder coated RAL9010 gloss white
– Type B casing, return air and discharge grilles powder coated RAL9010 gloss white
– Type C casing, return air and discharge grilles powder coated RAL9010 gloss white
– VEAB casing, return air and discharge grilles powder coated RAL9010 gloss white

Non-standard – Bespoke

Bespoke specification options
– Specific sizes available on request
– Case and grille colour and finish
– powder coat commercially available RAL colours
– matt, satin, semi-gloss, gloss
– Controls
– Remote switch
– Controller fitted into the unit
– Fans to suit higher mounting height
– Fixings and brackets
– Threaded insert to accept threaded rod (standard specification)
– T bolts incl/ excl gripple wire
– Top brackets
– Drop rods
– Unistrut
Customer specific requirements available on request

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Standard: 1.5, 1.8, 2.1, 2.4, 3.0m
Custom: Any width between 1.5 & 3.0m

Mounting Height: Up to 4.0m