Airscreen, AS Type B Air Curtain

Airscreen air curtain unit applications

The Airscreen AS Type B is a compact, elegant air curtain unit that offers an aesthetic design for use in a range of environments.  Envirotec has used its broad experience of air curtain unit technology to develop a solution within a contemporary design that produces an efficient stream of air at a building’s entrance.

Examples of applications where the AS Type B air curtain unit is ideal include:

  • Retail environments
  • Offices and other commercial entrances

Airscreen air curtain unit benefits

With building designers and architects looking to create impressive buildings, Envirotec is always keen to understand how the integration of ventilation solutions can work to enhance the overall design of the building envelope.  Ventilation systems are essential within a building, air curtain units help to create separation between the conditioned indoor space and the outdoor air. Air curtain units assist in several ways; by reducing the amount of energy wastage, lowering overall running costs and aiding the production of a healthier environment by restricting the amount of poor quality polluted outdoor air from entering the indoor space.

For those applications where an air curtain unit will be “on view” rather than recessed, the Airscreen Type B air curtain unit is the perfect choice.

The Airscreen Type B air curtain unit is quick to install, simple to operate and easy to service, with internal components accessible via the grilles for swift and easy maintenance.

Ventilation Solutions

The Airscreen AS Type B air curtain unit is part of our extensive range of ventilation solutions including air handling units and air barriers.  

Envirotec does its utmost to cater to clients’ needs, however specialised, to ensure that your complete ventilation solution is suited to your needs.

Our team of experts will advise you as to which designs from our range are best suited to your individual requirements.

Key Features

Standard Units 

  • Mounting height – Up to 3.0m
  • Unit Dimensions  – H 240mm x W 400mm
  • Standard widths – 1220mm / 1500mm /1800mm / 2100mm / 2500mm
  • Heat optionsAmbient / LPHW / Electric
  • Control Options – Remote controller (standard specification)
  • Unit finish – casing powder coat RAL9010 gloss white, return air grille and discharge grille powder coated RAL9005 matt black

Non-standard – Bespoke

Bespoke specification options  

  • Specific sizes available on request
  • Case and grille colour and finish

– powder coat commercially viable RAL colours

– matt, satin, semi-gloss, gloss

  • Controls

– Remote switch

– Controller fitted into the unit

  • Fans to suit higher mounting height
  • Fixings and brackets

– Threaded insert to accept threaded rod (standard specification)

– T bolts incl/ excl gripple wire

– Top brackets

– Drop rods

– Unistrut

  • Customer specific requirements available on request
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Standard: 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.1 & 2.5m

Mounting Height: Up to 3.0m