Circular, CAC 520 Air Curtain

CAC Applications

Envirotec has led the way in air curtain unit design for over 50 years and the CAC range is a great example of the company’s ability to innovate with unusual and high quality designs.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a great many customers agree that the CAC is a beautiful high-end air curtain unit that combines stylish appearance with a powerful performance, making these units the ideal solution for a wide range of applications including:

  • Prestigious entrances      Offices                          Commercial premises              
  • Museums                          Galleries                       Airport terminals
  • Universities                      Foyers                           Atriums         
  • Shopping malls                Designer stores            Transport hubs

CAC air curtain unit benefits

Envirotec manufactures the CAC range of air curtain units at its factory in High Wycombe.  Air curtain units benefit the quality of air in buildings by helping to create an effective air barrier when doors open in entrances.  The units help to minimise the mixing of the external air with the internal air, or in other words, they reduce the amount of air escaping and entering the building.  This means that the energy used to condition the overall indoor space is minimised.

The legend of King Canute attempting to hold back the sea is an example of why Envirotec, and others, cannot guarantee to prevent external and internal air from coming in and going out of entrances without a physical barrier.  However, Envirotec has proven that its products are highly effective air barriers. During winter and summer months Envirotec air curtain units help provide an excellent, healthy indoor environment whilst offering significant reductions in energy usage and running costs.  

The CAC air curtain unit is straightforward to install with a number of different mounting options available.  Our development team of engineers have also ensured the unit is simple to operate and maintain, and easy to clean, ensuring continual delivery of optimum performance.

To explore the number of options available on the CAC range of air curtain units, please contact our team to discuss your specific requirements.

Ventilation Solutions

The CAC air curtain unit is part of Envirotec’s extensive range of ventilation solutions including air handling units and air barriers.  

Envirotec does its utmost to cater to clients’ needs to ensure that your complete ventilation solution matches your needs.

Our team of engineers will guide you through the selection process to help determine which designs and specification best meet your requirements.

Key Features

Standard Units

  • Mounting height – Up to 5.0m
  • Unit dimensions380mm or 520mm diameter
  • Unit width – 1220mm / 1500mm /2000mm / 2500mm / 3000mm
  • Heat options Electric / LPHW /Ambient
  • Fans – EC not AC
  • Control Options – Remote controller (standard specification)
  • Unit finish – powder coat RAL 9010 gloss white

Non-standard – Bespoke

Bespoke specification options

  • Specific sizes available on request
  • Case and grille colour and finish

– powder coat commercially viable RAL colours
– matt, satin, semi-gloss, gloss
– casework in brushed stainless steel or polished mirror finish

  • Fans – AC not EC
  • Controls

– Remote switch
– Controller fitted into the unit

  • Fans to suit higher mounting height
  • Fixings and brackets

– Rear and end mounted brackets
– Drop rods

Customer specific requirements available on request

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Standard: 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 3.0m

Custom: Any width between 0.9 & 3.0m
Mounting Height: Up to 4.0m