Benefits of installing vertical air curtains: The practical solution

If you’re considering an air curtain, you’re no doubt aware of their amazing potential to reduce energy wastage and cut costs. Air curtains are above door heaters typically found in commercial buildings, such as shops and restaurants. Vertical air curtains also offer a great solution.

Available in a range of different styles and sizes, vertical air curtains are an excellent aesthetic option and a perfect solution if you want to keep the space free above your door for function or design.

Whether you go for the more common edgeless circular unit, or something with a more industrial, rectangular feel, a vertical air curtain can help provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for your building.

Effective air barrier

Vertical air curtains provide a stream of air across a doorway.  They help to prevent outdoor air from entering the building and they condition any air that does enter as well as keeping the conditioned air inside.  Using vertical air curtains is a really effective solution as the air is uniformly distributed across the entire height of your entrance.

Uniform distribution of heat

Air curtains shouldn’t be the only heating source for the building, they are often used to provide a comfortable supply of warm air for customers as they enter your premises.  With a vertical air curtain, warm air is supplied across the whole height of the unit, ensuring comfort from head to toes!

Easier maintenance

Essential to the performance of the air curtains is having them maintained regularly.  This is achieved quickly and easily with vertical air curtains as there is no need for ladders or lifting equipment.   And, there’s no need to close off the door into the building when carrying out the maintenance – means your customers can still come in!

They’re discreet

Electrical supplies and water pipes supplying the air curtains can typically be positioned out of sight for vertical units, frequently beneath the floor in service ducts.  Delivering an efficient, stylish air curtain without all the associated pipes and cables ensures a neat solution.

With all these advantages, it’s difficult to see how you could go wrong with a vertical air curtain, however, as there’s a wide range available it’s important to select carefully.  As with any piece of ventilation equipment, the real benefit comes from it being the right one for the job – correctly selected, sized and installed.  If you’d like more information, make sure to contact Envirotec as soon as possible to receive specialist advice on which type of vertical air curtain is best for you.