Energy saving air curtains: How do they work?

Whatever building you have, whether an office, school, restaurant or retail shop, preventing warmth from escaping with high footfall can be difficult.  An energy saving air curtain has the potential to dramatically reduce energy costs for any building where doors are open more that they are closed, but how to do they work?

Opening or open doors allow heat (and energy) to escape out of the building.  Warm air rises up and out of the open doors and cooler air rushes in replacing it at low level.  This occurs naturally in any room or building, but having a door that opens and closes frequently or stays open permanently speeds this process up.  As more warm air escapes, your heating system has to work harder and harder to replace it, pushing your energy bills up.

An energy saving air curtain works by creating a stream of air circulating across a doorway, creating a “barrier” between the air inside the building and the outdoor air.  These air curtains typically have heating elements that will increase the temperature of the air to reduce uncomfortable cold draughts when people pass through the open door.

Using an air curtain as a barrier ensures that the energy used to heat the space in a building is not wasted.  This will result in overall reduction in energy usage, carbon footprint and building running costs.  In fact, recent studies carried out in Finland found that air curtains can reduce air leakage through doorways by up to 86%.

However, air curtains can only deliver on their promise of being energy efficient if experts in the field do their design, manufacture and installation correctly.  As in most technologies that are intended to reduce wastage and improve efficiency, the air curtains need to be sized and selected to suit the application otherwise they will not deliver the hoped for heat and energy saving effects.  So, to make your investment worthwhile, be sure to employ the services of trusted suppliers.

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